Crystal Dick

Crystal Dick

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From artist Sara M. Lyons:

Have you ever noticed how much dick-shaped stuff there is in nature?

my CRYSTAL DICK enamel pin is designed to be reminiscent of finding a suggestive rock or gem in the wild.  it's like a little sexual talisman - interpret it and use it however you see fit to harness your masculine energy.  it can promote passion, sex positivity, fertility, gender fluidity, or whatever u want it to represent.  use them to attract some of that good dick.  or u can just wear it because it's cute and kinda funny.


my super-shiny CRYSTAL DICK is approximately 1½" tall and made of heavy, high-quailty hard enamel, with gunmetal detailing and a black rubber clutch closure [EDIT, for some weird reason they sent me the restock with red heart-shaped clutch backs, so that's what you get now!].  some of its facets are made of extra beautiful, multi-dimensional-looking iridescent glitter enamel. 

the pin is carded on a backing card featuring a quote by buckminster fuller.  now available in pink too if that's what you're into!